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Flexocube is the first “DIY construction kit” with which barbecue enthusiasts, or those who like to cook outside, can assemble outdoor kitchen modules by themselves.

Such a “DIY construction kit” consists of numerous individual parts similar to Fischertechnik, only with a simple Allen key, entire outdoor kitchen modules can be easily created, which can then be flexibly combined with each other.

The Flexocube module system is designed and manufactured for a long service life.

The high-quality frame made of aluminum profiles, also forms the basis for future modules and thus ensures adaptability and expandability of the system.

The aluminum frame is covered with high-quality, weather-resistant HPL panels. The panels are available in various colors and patterns.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a high-quality, weatherproof and therefore extremely durable material. As a material for exterior facades, it is intended for year-round outdoor use and is therefore winterproof.


The name Flexocube comes from two English words: “flex” (flexible) and “cube”. It is precisely this combination that Flexocube is all about. The goal in developing the modules and accessories was maximum adaptability to changing circumstances.

The idea for Flexocube was born in March 2020. In 2021, the first four modules were ready for the market. Further modules and accessories are continuously being developed and further cooperations entered into in order to be able to offer the most flexible outdoor kitchen system in the world one day.

Mehmet had this promising idea and was looking for a partner to drive the digitalization of the company, whereupon he then met Christian of Romeis IE, who was immediately totally enthusiastic about the potential of the idea. Looking for a visionary, they met Bertram, who was also immediately convinced of the chances of success of this concept that they founded Flexocube. There had never been anything like Flexocube before. So they had to design and invent all the individual parts and components themselves, build the digitalization and find reliable partners. They benefited from their experience in design, technology & innovativeness and tinkered with the necessary multifunctional parts that would also look good after assembly.

Since all Flexocube products are handmade in our factory, the delivery time depends on 2 main factors:

1. the utilization of the CNC machines and

2. The delivery time of the components.

The delivery time is usually 6 weeks. In urgent cases and with free capacity, we can also manage 4 weeks.

During peak periods, such as in spring, some models may take 8-10 weeks to be delivered. In case of doubt, quality always comes before delivery time.

Just ask us about the current delivery times or tell us your desired week.

There are no discount or sales promotions on FLEXOCUBE. Your neighbor will not have purchased his FLEXOCUBE cheaper just because he was waiting for a discount promotion. Discounts are not possible because of the high production and material costs.

ATTENTION: Every customer has the possibility to get money back. The PREMIUM program is automatically activated for our customers and allows to get money back in many ways. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail: info@flexocube.de.

Yes! Even 10 years!

Please refer to our warranty policy.

Trespa also offers a worldwide 10 year light fastness warranty. The panel color does not fade due to UV illumination, so you have the possibility to start small and be sure that if you expand your modules after a few years, they will not differ in color.

The FLEXOCUBE comes to you as a kit in a package.

Ask us for the assembly instructions if you are unsure whether you can do the assembly yourself.

We are also happy to offer you the assembly, please contact us for this. Depending on the installation site and the quantity of modules & devices, we will make you an offer.

No! It must not be. If you put damp or wet things in your Flexocube, the moisture must escape via the ventilation system. No interior walls are built ” on shock “, so that water may well evaporate inside once in a while.

Of course, your Flexocube protects your equipment from rain and moisture.

Flexocube is growing fast and we regularly welcome new additions to our team. Our company currently consists of over 10 creative Flexocubers. They lovingly assemble our kits and accessories in the beautiful Main-Kinzig district in Germany. From our warehouse in Birstein, we supply barbecue enthusiasts throughout Europe.

Through our kit principle it will be possible in the near future to offer our products worldwide.


Far far away behind the word mountains far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.

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